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Jurinah Ismail (Lyn), Administrative & Logistic Support. Lyn career includes Managing upscale Galleries of South East Asian Artefacts and Textiles for over two decades.  

She has been involved in Asian Palette projects from the companies’ inception and has played a pivotal role in sourcing for the group and logistics support.

“ I left the high end for the real deal.  Asian Palette respects my role as mum and celebrates and capitalise on my work experience. I excel at what I do because I am happy and appreciated! ” - Lyn
Fiona Rankine is Founder of Asian Palette and Asian Art Providers. A graduate of  Arts & Social Sciences, Fiona left a successful career in publishing to pursue her passion – discovering, creating, presenting and sharing beautiful experiences.

Responsible for the art direction, her forte is in creating an art story that is distinct and relevant for each project. Positioning a property through its artwork in often highly competitive markets is her specialty.

Her ability to connect and establish trust with artists and artisans often results in working the budgets for maximum impact. Fiona is personally involved in all of the projects the company pursues.

Whilst extremely proud of her work, her best and most gratifying work is Leith and Sara, her inspiration to be the best she can be!

“I am HAPPIEST making someone else HAPPY! Making a positive difference is what drives me. I  am driven because through success I can do so much more!” -  Fiona
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